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Alhambra Women’s Network is asking amazing women across the globe 7 questions about how they are changing the world for the better. 

Natasha Toffa is the founder of the Women’s Unity Movement which unites women of different faiths and cultures from across the globe. Natasha’s aim is to create social change by promoting female empowerment, self-love and celebrating our amazing diversity.

Q1. What event in your childhood started your political journey?

After having survived 8 years of Domestic Abuse in the form of verbal, physical, emotional, mental and sexual, I swore to myself that I would do as much as God would allow me to in breaking the cycle; in helping as many women as I could.

Q2. Why do you want to change the world?

We live a beautiful yet corrupt, war-stricken, materialistic, fake ideology world where society leads women and young girls to believe that to be worthy and seen, you must look, act and dress a certain way. I aim to do my best to break that mould and misconception, with a supportive team onboard to back me up. All women are equally worthy and should be treated in this manner and accepted with this in mind, regardless of social status, wealth, outward appearance, background, faith or ethnicity. If we can continue to teach women how to love themselves, empower them and remind them of their worth, I believe it will help them in life in knowing what is right for them and what they shouldn’t tolerate because it is bad for them.

Q3. What are you doing to change the world?

ALOT lol but I enjoy it.

Through my business; Women’s Unity Movement I host women’s only events every 2-3 months to bring all women of various faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds together to unite as one.

I created BODY BEAUTIFUL, which is a visual project to redefine the stereotypical “media beauty” & take a stand for all women worldwide.

I am a Domestic Violence Advocate who assists women around the world in helping them to see the signs, in recognising their worth and supporting them to get out and start a new life that they deserved.

I am a Social Media Influencer.

Lastly, I am a Writer for Love U Magazine USA which is circled around promoting female empowerment, growth and self-love.

My aim through everything that I do is to create social change on an International basis by promoting female empowerment, self-love, educating one another about our differences while celebrating diversity and unity. I aim to inspire the younger generation as well as our generation and change their way of thinking.

Q4. What hurdles have you had to face?

One of the most significant hurdles I have had to face is balancing my time across my various activities as I also work full-time Monday to Friday. Another obstacle I have had to deal with and accept is the lack of support and help from non-western women in my own country as opposed to the strong support I receive from women in various International countries. It’s a shame, but you can’t let it affect you too much, keep motivated, determined, passionate and continue striving.

Q5. What would you say to policymakers?

More needs to be done for the sake of sisterhood globally.

Q6. What would you say to your younger self if she were growing up in this era?

Stop seeking approval and validation from others in life, live your life however it makes you happy, don’t be scared to be you.

Q7. What is your final message to young people?

ALWAYS BE YOURSELF. Don’t fall victim to pressures of society and social media, as long as you are true to yourself the real you will shine, and they will love you for that.

Natasha uses Instagram to reach out to women across the globe suffering from domestic violence abuse.

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