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Karen interned for a newspaper right after she graduated from college. It was an unpaid internship, however, still very exciting.

“Basically, they made me feel my value and believe in my skills. This is how my career as a writer started. But my former classmates were not that lucky. I called myself lucky because I really love what I do and do what I love even if it sounds banal. Most of them skipped internships or volunteering; someone got the worst experience dealing with unpaid internships or even were deceived. It was one of the reasons why I have decided to write a guide for students and their parents. Because I understand how impressive volunteering, internships, and studying abroad can be if you chose it competently”.

A lot of students are still uncertain about what major to choose, moreover they are prone to changing their major choice at least once, which makes studying abroad or choosing volunteering activities even more appealing.

Karen’s guide helps students to explore new cultures and participate in those programs that may be unavailable in their home countries, which is why we can see so many foreign exchange learners. One of the reasons why this practice is becoming even more popular is the cross-cultural exchange and the open-minded attitude of modern students who can and like traveling.

Karen has listed several solid reasons why the majority of students decide to take a leap:

  • If you have studied abroad and taken time to gain some foreign country experiences, your chances of getting employment increase;

  • Learning a foreign language helps to develop certain brain patterns and increases the cognitive functions of a person;

  • A great way to pay back to society and serve both young and old all over the world.

We all have our reasons, yet such experiences help us to grow both personally and as professionals. Most importantly, you have a great chance to implement your skills and knowledge beyond your comfort zone and the local community. You will encounter various people from all over the world, will challenge your vision, and finally connect the dots between theory and practice.

“Without a doubt deciding to become a volunteer abroad or engage in a foreign internship experience is never easy and must take some consideration and analysis.

So, I have conducted a list of volunteer opportunities for students and important steps to volunteering & internships abroad.

Nevertheless, you can also try something new and simply travel the world by learning about certain cultures and social groups. Explore the resources, seek help, ask your college advisor for assistance, and pave your way to success and inspiration!”

Link to Karen’s guide with resources for students who decide to take part in volunteering and internships

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