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My most recent skincare discovery came through one of my best friends Bee a couple of months ago. Lovely Bee moved here in April, and started working formagician Doctor Sebagh’s skincare brand.

Spring, winter, summer, fall- it doesn’t matter. My skin has always been a sensitive disaster. When Bee presented me a bag of Sebagh’s samples, I was curious to see what would happen. I got a consultation with Sebagh himself, and he recommended a treatment. My skin has never felt as soft, glowing and spot-free as it does now. I’ve even stopped wearing foundation.

In the Morning:

Before I shower, I use Dr. Sebagh’s Deep Exfoliating Mask for 10 minutes. I wash it off with the Breakout Foaming Cleanser; followed by Serum Repair (Hyaluronic Acid) mixed with about 1cm of Vitamin C Powder.

There’s nothing like a healthy summer glow. I’ve replaced sun burns & foundation with Chanel’s Soleil Identité moisturizer and self-tanning cream.

At Night: 

I remove my eye make-up with Chanel’s Lait Comfort, and all remaining make-up comes off with Dr. Sebagh’s Breakout Foaming Cleanser. Last of all, I mix a drop of Rose de Vie oil with a drop of Serum Repair.



Written By Laura Hayden

Source: http://lauralahayden.tumblr.com/post/93394789632/beauty-summer-skincare-14

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