Why It’s Dangerous to Post Your Kids Pictures Online

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In a world where all we do is share information at the drop of a hat, it’s important to be familiar with the dangers out there. It’s a nice idea to be able to share your children’s photos with those family members who live across the country or internationally, but it might not be the best idea.

While many online services and social media networks offer a variety of privacy features that ensure your children’s photos will be private, there is still no guarantee that these photos will not be seen by those who mean your children harm.

Open the Door to Predators

Posting pictures of your children online could bring to them attention from sexual predators that they don’t need. Relatives may share your children’s photos with their friends and not have the same privacy settings you do. This can be dangerous as you cannot delegate who can and cannot see those photos once they are shared.

Bad Example

Revealing too much information to any stranger is always bad idea. And while we often times tell our children they should not be sharing their personal information with strangers; we are setting a bad example in doing just the opposite. When you post your children’s photos up with others to see they may draw a conclusion that there is nothing wrong with sharing too much, and that’s definitely something you don’t want to do.

Identity Theft Potential

After you have posted your pictures online of your children, you don’t have control over what
your pictures will be used for. Pictures of your children could be used for advertising purposes, and many have found them on less than pleasing websites.
Some people even could use your children’s pictures to create fake profiles or use teenage pictures with the intention of trying to lure in younger teens.


As with anything online, it’s always important to ere on the security side of things. If you wouldn’t share a picture of your child with a stranger on the street, why do you want to openly share it with a stranger online? It’s important to establish a delicate balance between allowing friends and family to see your children’s photos.

If you have your privacy settings set so that only those you trust can see your kids. You should also express to those you are sharing these pictures with that they cannot share with their friends, or they must ensure that their privacy settings are set the same as yours.

You don’t know who could end up with your children’s photos, and that is very scary. Remember to follow your own rules at home to set a good example for impressionable children.


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