Parents Handling Guide – Teach Your Kid to be Smart about Social Media

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We live in the digital era, that’s a fact. There are numerous websites like Reddit, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and many alike, which are designated to bring people together. While the main intention behind them is definitely good, the truth is that not all people see it this way. There are also a variety of different threats which lay hidden behind the social media, and you’d like your kid to be informed enough to act smart about it. However, this could be a very challenging task, considering the greater than average involvement of social media in your child’s life. It’s something that all of his friends use, and it could be hard to reason with him, especially if you had to place limitations. This is why there are a few things that you’d need to thoroughly consider prior to having the social media talk with your kid.46224545 - family. beautiful mother and her cute son

Don’t Limit the Access – Not at First

The worst thing you could do is go ahead and forbid your kid from using social media. While it could be tempting, this is going to have the direct opposite of a result than what you’re trying to accomplish. Remember, you want your kid to know that social media could be advantageous, but it could also pose some serious threats. Well, quite frankly, that’s what you need to explain. Sit back, relax, and tell your kid that there are plenty of good things about Facebook, for instance. It could connect him with friends, and it can get him involved in beneficial activities like volunteering groups. It could also help him become more social and interactive. All of these are great benefits that you should definitely bring out.

Once You’ve Gotten His Attention – Shift the Subject

You’ve laid down the baseline, now it’s time for some serious talk. The flipside of social media is that it could just as well be a hub for negative things like questionable activities or the much worse cyber bullying. It also opens your kid up to other potential threats like identity theft, for instance. You should inform him that he shouldn’t be over sharing sensible personal information because this makes them easy targets for the so-called online predators. Some of the potential

threats include inappropriate advertising as well as being contacted by people that the kid is going to find intimidating and scared of.

In any case, there are real dangers which are hidden behind social media websites, and you must make sure that your kid is well informed about them. The best approach is a combination of implementing modest limitations and the far more valuable – providing him with valuable information.

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