How Women are Fighting Back against Islamophobia

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With the Islamic State and other terrorist groups wreaking havoc around the world in the name of Islam, levels of Islamophobia have skyrocketed as well. Islamic civil rights organisations in various parts of the western world have reported an increasing level of discrimination against Muslims. Bearing the brunt of these attacks are women. To survive in these unsafe and violent times, Islamic women have to adapt to Islamophobia by finding a way to fight back. It is no longer possible for them to remain unprotected as statistics show that they are specifically targeted by perpetrators of hate crimes.

Why Women are Being Singled Out

Easily Identifiable

Islamic women have been targeted on trains, buses and even as they collect their children from school in a variety of Islamophobic attacks. It has been observed that most of the attackers are targeting women wearing the hijab. This has led to the conclusion, that some of the attacks on women are due to the fact that Islamic women are easy to identify when wearing the hijab. Some women have attested to the fact that they are only abused or targeted by hate crimes perpetrators when wearing the hijab.


Islamic women also seem to be targeted in hate crimes due to the fact that they are viewed as the main reproductive vessels of Islamic generations. As such, their offenders look at them as the main people responsible for the growth of the Islamic population. In one case, in California a male shopper rammed pregnant Muslim woman’s cart into her belly. This case shows just how out of hand the situation is threatening to become, and why Muslim women need to have a means of protecting themselves.10754887_l

Women are Vulnerable
Another reason why it is thought that Muslim women are being targeted in Islamophobic attacks is that they rarely fight back. Most of the perpetrators of hate crimes usually target people they view as weak and vulnerable. This explains why more perpetrators focus on attacking women; the perpetrators think that women have no way of fighting back. This specific reason underpins the importance of Muslim women fighting back against their oppressors.

To empower themselves and adapt to the ever increasing danger they face, day in day out, more and more Muslim women are enrolling in self-defence classes. In their view, it is better to be in a position to defend themselves against perpetrators; this position is further supported by Islamic civil rights organisations as well.

At a time where Islamophobic attacks are at a historic high, a simple self-defence class may be the difference between life and death for innocent Islamic women going about their business.

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