A Simple Guide for Parents When it comes to Social Media

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With the technology growing every day and the internet keep on coming up with new things, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s going on, especially if you’re a parent. A lot of social media sites and apps are popping up, and you need to make sure that you guide your child in everything that they do.

But how can you guide and protect your child from any abusive or inappropriate acts in these social media sites if you don’t understand it in the first place? To know more about these sites and apps here is a quick guide where you’ll see and get to understand how everything works.

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* Yik Yak –One of the newest social media apps that are becoming popular in the U.S. and U.K., the Yik Yak is promoting itself like a big local bulletin board wherein its members can connect with each other and share information in their local area. Users can post any information without revealing themselves to the public, but their post is limited to 200 characters and no pictures are allowed.

* Whisper – This new social media app allows users to post information to another user or group of users anonymously by using the apps’ creative fonts and images. Users are also allowed to respond to other whispers anonymously. They can also like or comment to other whispers and even receive private messages.


* Secret – This social media app allows its users to share secrets anonymously to the people in their contact list who also installed Secret. They can share what they’re thinking of and their feelings using images or words. When people like or comment on your secret, it will be automatically sent to their own contact list and can easily spread out. The app will require you to sign up your email address and phone number, and it will register all the people who have Secret as well.

* Snapchat – This is a free app wherein users can take pictures or videos and share it with their friends. The users can decide on the “lifespan” of their post after it was viewed by a person. Unlike other apps, Snapchat won’t allow you to post publicly, but you can only share it with your friends.

* Whatsapp – The Whatsapp Messenger allows its users to videos, text messages, short audio messages, and photos to anyone in their contact list who also has the application. Once you buy the app, there would be no fees or messaging limits.images-1

* Instagram – This is a sharing and photo editing app that allows its users to edit the photos that they have taken and share it publicly. It also allows users to browse the pictures of everyone who also have the app. With just a click of a button, any user can instantly share their photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well.

These are just some of the social media apps that many teens use today. If you’re a concerned parent, always make sure that you take the time and effort to talk to your child about how to properly use these apps and how to report it to you if they are being abused or mistreated.

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